What About Limewashed Oak Flooring?


As a matter of fact, there have been plenty of gifts from Mother Nature in various forms from seas to rivers to big trees – to name a few. Added to this, Mother Earth has been home to a plethora of natural resources like this. Eatable or consumable, everything would usually originate from Mother Earth. Above all, the building industry has been benefiting a lot from natural resources like trees [for wood/timber]. That said, here we go about the concept of limewashed oak flooring. First off, oak flooring that has been coated with limewash is called limewashed oak flooring as the title suggests. Basically, flooring is an essential part of any home space out there. To begin with, flooring that can also be termed a walking surface would provide space to your home, withstanding and accommodating everything from people to home furniture/furnishings.

Following are some more details relating to the applications of limewashed oak flooring:

  • First up, more than anything else, flooring is nothing but a clear reflection of your home space, its hygienic condition and overall personality as a whole.

  • Therefore it is important to protect the flooring at all costs. High-quality materials, coatings and much more will add more strength to your flooring.

  • For instance, oak flooring is not only attractive but also durable to the core. Resistant to wear and tear, it will add an element of elegance to your space.

  • In the same way, the so-called limewashed oak flooring has been the most sought-after across the world for its stunning appearance and elegance.

  • As a matter of fact, limewashing will actually give a milky look to your space/surface. Plus, it will go a long way towards beautifying the surface.

  • All in all, there will be plenty of benefits you will enjoy from limewashed oak flooring. Way forward indeed!


Top Benefits From Limewashed Oak Flooring

Here you will come across a few more details relating to the benefits of limewashed oak flooring along with other important information as discussed below:

  • Withstanding foot traffic: First off, limewashed oak flooring will go to greater lengths in matters of withstanding heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. Consequently, it will be able to stay strong for a long time.

  • Adding to the beauty quotient: That said, the limewash will provide the so-called creamy finish to the surface apart from enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your home space/interior.

  • Durability factor: To top it all, it would be pretty easy to maintain your limewashed oak flooring. Even little care will go a long way towards making it durable over a period of time into the future. 


Yes To Limewashed Oak Flooring

Given all those beautiful features and excellent benefits, your preference for limewashed oak flooring will never go wrong. After all, this type of flooring will add more zing to your home space. Way ahead indeed!


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