Searching for the perfect roofing material? One that is durable, versatile, and also has an aesthetic appeal, then read through this article, and you will have the solution. Polycarbonate is known for its durability and versatility and is also available in aesthetic patterns, thereby enhancing the overall appeal after installation. It is among the greatest materials for roofing. When looking for an alternative material for your house, greenhouse, or patio cover, polycarbonate roofs come in handy and are comparatively cheaper. In this article, you will get deep and knowledgeable insights into the topic of polycarbonate roofs’ prices and benefits. What should be the pricing, installation considerations, features-benefits etc.?

What Are Polycarbonate Roofs?

The device that you are reading this article on has a polycarbonate sheet. Yes, it’s everywhere now. DVDs, medical equipment, phones, auto parts, etc. A thermoplastic material is known for its durability, exceptional impact resistance, and UV protection. You will get an array of options in terms of thickness, colours, and designs. All these variations make them a perfect fit for a spectrum of applications.

These Are The Major Types

  • Metal Roofing- Made out of metal pieces, this type of polycarbonate roofing is widely used. In relation to polycarbonate roofing prices, these are much more cost-efficient.
  • Tile Roofing- is made up of small pieces of slate. However, these are expensive in terms of polycarbonate roofing prices.
  • Glass Roofing- As the name suggests, pure glass roofing. Some drawbacks to this are that installation and maintenance take up too much effort.

There are other sheets to be considered as an option. For example- Solid polycarbonate sheets, multiwall polycarbonate sheets, Honeycomb Polycarbonate, Four walls, Five walls, Twin walls, Triple walls and whatnot.

Look around in your nearest polycarbonate sheet store, and you will find all kinds of varieties suitable for different applications. These many variations offer you a range of options to consider for your roof.

First Things First- Measure The Size

Here are 2 options for you to consider- either order a full-size sheet or order one according to the size of your roof. You can cut some costs incurred in the process of polycarbonate roof pricing by measuring the required size.

  • Structure Support- Can your foundation structure handle the weight of all the sheets combined and the metal bolts required to keep them together? If you haven’t checked this yet, then take this as a reminder.
  • Proper Placement- Arrange the sheets at a fall of 5-10 degrees. This degree of fall would help divert the rainwater off the roof.

Polycarbonate Roof Prices

Polycarbonate roof prices vary depending on a number of factors, including thickness, material, size, colour, design, and the complexity of installation. Keep in mind that prices for polycarbonate roofs may vary as a result of location differences. To confirm the price range at your nearest local store as well.


Whether you are looking to add a polished patio, give a finishing touch to your roof, or maybe have a rainwater-free lobby, go through the installation process mentioned above. Remember not to wipe the sheets with a dry cloth that will cause scratches.


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