Kitchen renovations in Marrickville are only sometimes straightforward. Finding the right balance between loud and exciting and something safe and timeless can be challenging.

Kitchens must have a backsplash because it shields the wall from stains and spills and gives the room character. Here are some valuable considerations to consider when choosing the ideal backsplash for your home because there are many selections to make when kitchen renovations in Marrickville

You need to be aware of various factors while selecting the right backsplash for your kitchen.



The first stage of any refurbishment effort is thorough budgeting and financial research. Determine the amount you can spend on the backsplash, and then consider your options.

The market offers various backsplash tiles with differing prices and stunning styles. Choosing the kind, design, and calibre of tiles you want to install will be simpler if you have a financial buffer in mind.

Think of an area

Stretch the backsplash tile to surround the kitchen area for a modern appearance. It is a clever aesthetic trick to increase the square footage of a tiny kitchen, even though it will increase the initial cost.

Think about the Colour

It will be simpler to choose a colour once you decide whether you want to go dark or bright. The environment is made cool and peaceful by the light neutral colours. The best designs may be made with bold, dark colours, though, and they work best in kitchens with sufficient lighting.

Additionally, a kitchen backsplash experiences a lot of wear and tear during cooking sessions, so pick something that won’t show stains.


The height of your backsplash is something that most homeowners need to remember. You can choose any size that suits your taste in design. If you want to make a statement piece, you can install tile to the ceiling. It is also very appropriate if you only want a modest backsplash extending up to the cabinet’s base. It all depends on your preferences and money. Where the backsplash ends horizontally is usually apparent, but when doing kitchen renovations in Marrickville, don’t make the error of failing to consider how tall you want the backsplash to be.

Consider the focusing points.

The space over the range and above the sink should serve as the kitchen’s two focus points or places where the eye is pulled by default. Experiment freely and let a professional specializing in kitchen renovations in Marrickville include creative designs in these spaces.

Choose The Correct Grout

Since the grout forms the foundation of your backsplash, choosing the appropriate grout is essential. Choose a shade lighter than your tiles’ colour since it will give them more strength and keep dirt from getting under them.


It takes time and careful planning to examine kitchen backsplash material options. Be aware of your spending limits and the best materials that suit your lifestyle. It is the first step toward the kitchen of your dreams.



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