Since getting tiling services, Maroubra is an expensive investment, selecting the right material is vital. Here’s why tiling experts recommend getting epoxy grout. 

Dirty grout lines are every homeowners’ worst nightmare. No matter how many brushes, sponges, etc. they use, getting rid of the dirt stuck in tile grouts is almost impossible. That’s why professional providers of tiling services Maroubra recommend getting epoxy grout. Initially used in commercial spaces like malls and factories, epoxy grout is slowly gaining momentum in the residential market. After all, it’s the most dirt-resistant grout in the market, and it works perfectly with porcelain tiles (natural, polished, or glazed), ceramic tiles, and natural stone tiles like limestone, slate, bluestone, travertine, terrazzo, sandstone, granite, or marble. Since these all these materials have different densities, installing the right type of epoxy grout is very important. After installation, epoxy grout gives homeowners these advantages –  

Hassle-Free Maintenance 

Top providers of tiling services Maroubra recommend installing epoxy grout to homeowners who don’t have much time to clean and maintain their tiles and grouts. Unlike cement-based grouts, epoxy grout is naturally resistant to stains, mould growth, or fungal infestations. Even if these germs do penetrate the small joints in epoxy grouts, there’s no need for expensive re-grouting processes. All the dirt, stains, germs, etc. stay on the grout’s surface and hence are easily removable. Bear in mind – epoxy grout manufacturers and installers do charge more upfront. So, getting this particular grout will cost more upfront. However, since there’s absolutely zero need to invest in special cleaning solutions or create dedicated grout maintenance schedules, this investment is worthwhile. 

No Need to Invest in Sealing 

Although most providers of tiling services Maroubra implore their clients to add protective sealing layers on their tiles, homeowners who install epoxy grout don’t need to make this investment. Unlike cement-based grouts that get damaged very easily, epoxy grout is naturally resistant to dirt, moisture damage, and other types of external threats. So, homeowners can save a lot by not sealing their tiles. Sure, sealing does provide extra protection, especially to the high-traffic regions of the house. However, with epoxy grout, there’s no compulsion to invest in tile sealing. 

Naturally Hard 

Another reason why experts of tiling services Maroubra recommend homeowners to switch to epoxy grout is the hardness it adds to the home. Epoxy grout is naturally stain and chemical resistant. While household cleaning agents like bleach easily break down cement-based grouts, epoxy grout’s super-strong polymer bond prevents such damages. Homeowners can use any chemical product they want or spill oily food or wine on their tiles without having to worry about expensive damages. A house with epoxy grout feels much safer. Installation of this grout makes the floors hard wearing and highly resistant to cracks, climate-caused changes, stains, and chemical damage. 

Proven Results

Top providers of tiling services Maroubra install epoxy grout in hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, cafes, etc. regularly. This proven track record of being long-lasting and damage-resistant makes getting epoxy grout a no-brainer! Currently, the market is full of waterproof epoxy grouts available in multiple colours and designs. Despite costing more than cement-based grout, epoxy grout is the most cost-effective grout in the market! 


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