With real estate prices sharply increasing, finding cheap places to stay in big cities and metropolises can be challenging. However, budget accommodations are still reasonable if you want a clean, simple place to sleep for the night. Not all cheap places to stay have to be dirty. It can be hard to find budget accommodation in Mount Isa, so here are five tips for booking affordable lodging.

Do Some Research

When you travel all the time, it can take a lot of time to keep looking for places to stay. But if you spend some time learning about the area and looking at different booking options, you’re much more likely to find a good deal and a place worth the money.


For many travellers, staying connected online is as essential as having pillows, a TV, and toilet paper folded into a point. High-end hotels charge much for internet access, but budget accommodation in Mount Isa often offers excellent service for almost nothing or even free. Perfect for checking your email or, more likely, posting a photo or two on Facebook to tease your friends.

Factor In Transport Costs

If you find a cheap place to stay far from the city centre, you might spend more on transportation than a room in the city centre. You waste a lot of time as well. That is only sometimes the case, though. We have stayed in great low-cost places where getting around was easy and cheap.

Hotel Reputation and Reviews

If you pick up a brochure or look at hotels online, you will see that they are all dressed up and look beautiful. However, it is not always what it seems. Online reviews from past guests are a great way to find out what they like.

Accommodation with Parking

There are good ways to park and wrong ways to park. The best is when you can pull up outside your room door. So cool! Then there is the first-in, best-dressed parking lot, where you take what you can get. However, parking also is paid for off-site. The point? If you are unsure, calling and asking can be very helpful.

Activities for Kids

Kids can be hard to please. Tempers can flare quickly, no matter how you get from one place to another. However, if you choose budget accommodation with playgrounds, pools, and water slides, your kids will leave as soon as you get there. That will give you a chance to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Bid for a Room

When you know where you want to stay, you can often get budget accommodation in Mount Isa. You can put in the number of nights you want to visit and the city you wish to stay in and then bid on the price per night. Most of the time, you can stay in a 4- or 5-star hotel for 20–30% less than the hotel’s website says it will cost.




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