For many individuals, it’s either timber or nothing when it comes to flooring. After all, why not? Timber flooring is stylish, durable, adds value to your home, and is just beautiful!
You could easily lose an entire day marvelling at your gleaming wooden floors. This worries some people into believing that the gleaming wood they paid for will fade, dull, and lifeless with time. Don’t let this deter you from installing wood floors. Timber is a fantastic option. You may have beautiful, gleaming wooden floors for a long time if you maintain them properly.

Here are five helpful tips for keeping your timber floor maintenance:

1. A dirty floor should not be mopped:

Many owners make the mistake of wiping their hardwood floors without first cleaning them. To put this another way, mud is wetness plus dust. As a result, scrubbing a dirty floor is practically the same as spreading muddy water. Solid materials on the floor can cling to the mop and cause damage to the wood. To remove dirt particles, dust or sweep first.

2. Read the label on cleaning products:

Cleaning chemicals are an excellent method for timber floor maintenance, but with so many options, it’s easy to pick the wrong one. Do some research before going to the shop to see which cleaning products are the best and safest to use.
As a starting point, see what your wood floor manufacturer advises. Acidic cleaners should be avoided at all costs since the acid can cause long-term harm to hardwood flooring.
Another common blunder is that people tend to overuse a product. Using more cleaner than necessary does not imply a better clean.

3. Ensure that your floors are completely dry by cleaning them:

Wood floors aren’t made to be worn. Water is a common threat to wood, and too much of it can cause swelling, shrinking, cracking, and rotting.
To make wood floors shine, rub them dry with a clean, soft cloth. As a result, avoid over-wetting during floor maintenance and ensure that they are totally dry after cleaning.

4. Wax build-up must be removed:

Too much wax buildup on the wood surface is probably the most common cause of dull and hazy hardwood flooring. Wax residue is left behind from previous cleaning products.
Choose non-wax cleaning products and be sceptical of cleansers for timber floor maintenance. The solution nearly often contains wax. Instead, opt for a wax-removal product that is safe to use on your floor.

5. Keep floors clean:

Keeping the flooring clean in the first place is a simple approach to ensure you’re not cleaning a dirty floor. To preserve the floor maintenance, use mats at entrances to decrease the amount of dirt that gets in, and consider a rug in high-traffic areas like corridors.
You may also make it a policy to leave your shoes at the door in order to keep your hardwood floors clean.
When dirt, soil, gravel, and debris are trodden on, they can damage the floor. Remove dirt and debris with a dry mop or soft broom on a regular basis, and vacuum at least once a week.

To avoid scratching the wood floor, avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar. These are some of the best floor maintenance tips.


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