Are you looking to install a basketball court at your place? If it’s the case, you need to give a lot of attention to basketball flooring. It will be anything but the normal flooring options that you install at your place. The professional workers who can install such a flooring option will be quite limited in Northern Shore, Sydney anyway. We will take a look at the types of basketball flooring in North Shore Sydney that you can install at your place. These options differ from one another and you can choose one based on what suits your place the most. 

Here are the types of basketball flooring near North shore Sydney


If you’re thinking about installing basketball flooring indoors, hardwood will be your best option. This is the type of flooring that you will find in most of the NBA courts and NCAA arenas as well. One of the biggest reasons why it is preferred as a fantastic basketball flooring option is its ease of maintenance. There’s no room for dirt or grime on your floors here. Since the material is easy to maintain, its durability is quite high as well. But in case you want to install a basketball court outdoors, you should consider some alternatives as hardwood won’t be suitable there. 

2.Multi-Purpose Plastic 

This is another basketball flooring option that has been trusted by many people. The construction is going to start with a sturdy foundation and then features a top surface of modular polypropylene squares snapped together in any shape or design. Since plastic is used here, the floor is going to provide great traction for the basketball. Most of such flooring option installers in Northern Shore, Sydney would install it keeping enhanced safety and reliable ball bounce in mind. You have got the option to customize the floors as well. Another amazing fact is that multi-purpose plastic basketball flooring can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. 


If you’re specifically looking for basketball flooring in the outskirts, you should take asphalt as a useful option for your basketball court. The reason why you should prefer this material is that it has got great strength. It means that it will be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The only issue here is that it won’t be able to last for a long period. It is prone to cracks and chips and you will have to look for a different option sooner than later. You should focus on taking the help of the most qualified professional services in Northern Shore, Sydney for the cause. 


Last but not the least, you can try to go for Advanced basketball flooring. These are the most layered type of basketball courts that you’re going to see. There are a lot of advanced surface solutions used here. From concrete foundations to polypropylene plastic surfaces, there are a lot of things used to provide greater shock absorption and soundproofing. 

These are some of the major basketball flooring options that you can use. Based on your preferences and whether you would like to install it indoors or outdoors, you can make the final decision regarding the basketball court! 


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