Are you finding window coverings for your home? The most basic choice here is to go for curtains. It’s cost-effective and can be installed comfortably too. But curtains are not the only option in window coverings; there are various other choices that you can make to make your place more impressive. One such option is plantation shutters. You will find various firms that supply and install plantation shutters in Hills District. There’s a huge scope for selection, so you can install shutters as you desire. But first, you must see which type of shutter best fits your place. We are going to discuss some of the major types of plantation shutters here. Let’s immediately begin the list.:

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

The most widely used option in plantation shutters is vinyl. There are a few things that you have to understand about these types of shutters:

  • If your budget is very limited, this will be your best option. This is a cost-effective solution, thus allowing middle-class people to root for it as well.
  • These are generally considered ideal for large windows. So if you have installed really big windows at your place, you should use vinyl plantation shutters to cover them.
  • This option is further categorised into 5 parts. They include solid shutters, solid aluminium vinyl shutters, structured hollow shutters, and vinyl-clad wood shutters.
  • To provide better stability to vinyl plantation shutters, aluminium or PVC support is used. In this way, these shutters can last for a long period, thanks to their increased durability.

Wooden Plantation Shutters

If you prefer wooden material, you can use it to install plantation shutters for your home in Hills District too. Here are some of the key features of these shutters:

  • As the name suggests, these shutters are made up of wood.
  • The most commonly used material to come up with this option is basswood.
  • If you want to have plantation shutters in different sizes and shapes, the wooden option will be the most suitable. It’s not certain that each window at your home belongs to the same shape and size. So you can purchase shutters according to the characteristics of your windows.
  • These are the best options if you want stylish and light window shutters.

Composite Plantation Shutters

The third most popular option in plantation shutters is composite plantation shutters. Here are some details to be aware Of:

  • These are also referred to as faux wood shutters.
  • Medium-density fiberboards, or MDF, are generally used to develop these shutters.
  • If you need a strong and durable option for plantation shutters, you can bet on this type of shutter. These are humidity and weather-resistant. Thus outside conditions do not impact the material in a big way.

These are some of the major types of plantation shutters you can install for your place in Hills District. So which one do you like the most? You have to consider all your needs before finalizing a particular option!


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