If you do have a swimming pool, you can always go for the glass fence. It will not just add a bit of safety to the place but will also ensure a better view of the surrounding area. These fences are a bit higher in terms of length and will provide the ultimate protection as asked for.

However, unless you are sure of the features associated with a frameless pool fence, you won’t be able to focus on the main purchase. So, before investing money in this semi-permanent solution for your swimming pool, make sure to take some time out and focus on the features. The results will be pretty amazing.

Going for the frameless glass fencing:

Unlike any of the traditional glass panes that you have come already, this form of frameless fencing will not have any possible visible joints. So, all that you can see is one seamless panel covering the entire swimming pool. The glass used in this regard is of premium quality and there will be smoother and polished edges around it. The glasses’ sides will not have any metal sidings. It is only towards the bottom side that you are likely to see some steel hinges, used for attaching the panels to the ground.

You might feel that the glass panel is floating in thin air. There is nothing to worry about that the steel hinges at the bottom will get rusty or corroded with passing time. They won’t as these materials are made using stainless steel materials.

Reasons to go for the frameless glass fencing:

The main reason for people to invest money in frameless pool fencing is because of its elegant look and ensuring utmost security and safety. You can procure these fences in some of the luxurious surroundings most of the time. Their crystal clear features will not guard any vision and the beautiful décor surrounding the pool area. 

While swimming, everyone can enjoy the view of nature because of the clear glass panels. So, now you get the opportunity to float in the water and enjoy the beautiful foliage at the same time. It provides a relaxing feel and you can get rid of stress in just about a few minutes!

If you are in the pool and your children are playing around, you can still keep an eye on them. As there will be no barrier between you and the children, you can see what they are doing while relaxing in the pool at the same time.

Working on the installation of the frameless fencing:

You will be amazed to know that there won’t be any special kind of flooring needed for installing these fences. You can have it installed on any concrete or wooden floor with ease. With the help of stainless steel hinges and frames, the glass panels will be proficiently installed in their adjacent places. 

You can try out the button fixed option. Here, the panels will go below the ground level with help of attached bolts on the glass. These bolts will remain on some strategic locations, designed for maintaining strength and balance.

When it comes to slot fixed, you get the feeling of glass emerging from underground as the slots are made in the ground and then panes get fixed right into it.

Another interesting way of installing a glass fence is by using the spigot fixing method. Here, you will see the use of premium quality spigots, made out of stainless steel materials. They are primarily bolted to the surface region.

Strength related to the frameless glass fences:

People generally have this misconception that these frameless pool fence options are not durable enough because they look delicate. Well, the reality is the opposite as these glass fences are pretty strong. When there is a strong wind, you might see some shaking but there is nothing to be worried about. A strong wind won’t be able to create any effect on the strong and toughened glass. This glass fence is proficiently supported to the ground using bolts, spigots, and stainless steel hinges.

So, without wasting any time further, log online and catch up with the experts for top-notch quality frameless glass pool fences. They are more than happy to serve you with the best products.


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