Not only can you give yourself more time to enjoy your pool by buying a robot pool cleaner, but you also prolong the life of your pool. Robotic Pool Cleaner eliminates the build-up of bacteria, stresses the membrane of the pool and saves you the hassle of cleaning it yourself. We will help you identify what you need to know to make the best choices by following this easy guide.


Prices for Robotic Pool Cleaner will range from AUD 500 to 2000. With this vast price range, deciding the budget is the first move. Inland pools, higher-end versions appear to concentrate and launch at about AUD 500. If that’s what you have then models starting from this price range must be considered. At first, it sounds overwhelming, but most Robotic Pool Cleaners payback themselves after one summer vs. the expense of an annual pool cleaning service and cleaning it yourself.

Pool Type and Size

Robotic Pool Cleaner is designed to be used either in-ground pools or above. Some can clean all forms, but in that group, the choices are minimal. It’s better to get a Robotic Pool Cleaner specially built to clean one kind of style of the pool so that you get the best cleaning results. Both robot cleaners list the recommended size and depth at which they clean the best. Make sure it fits the size of your pool so that it can be washed in one washing cycle.

Features of Washing

Robotic Pool Cleaner sweep with heavy-duty scrubbing brushes and solid vacuums to pick up dirt. Often verify that it has both capabilities because, without them, no robot cleaner can clean well. They should be able to vacuum most high-priced models from the floors, walls right up to the waterline. Some will clean the stairs and corners, but not all, so that’s not a planned feature.

Treads or Wheels

Not a big problem, but one that should be remembered. Both models would easily grip your pool, so if you have high drain covers at the bottom of your pool, without this a tread style pool cleaner might get trapped on top of it. Right over it, a Robotic Pool Cleaner with wheels will roll.

Scheduling and Planning

Look for features for programming and scheduling with a Robotic Pool Cleaner. When you are not home or have other things to do, programming choices encourage you to decide where or how long it should be cleaned and scheduling provides the ease of cleaning. While programming has now become an anticipated function, preparation has yet to become a norm, so don’t expect it to be on all versions.

Tangling of Power Chord

A lot of Robotic Pool Cleaner models have a power cord that as it cleans, connects to the machine. This powers the cleaner and allows it to become energy efficient, but while washing, it could lead to cable tangling. With a swivel built to avoid tangling, most cleaners have this problem fixed, but make sure to verify. 



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