Many homes have timber floors. Hardwood floors are both solid and nice to look at. They are not as easy to break as some other things. This is very important, especially considering harsh weather. More and more people choose this material for their homes. Whether building a new one or fixing an old one, timber flooring should be your ultimate choice.

There are many choices for contractors and flooring experts in timber Epping regarding timber floors. You can choose a classic, deep colour that looks good in every home. Choose a lighter wash and a matte finish if you want country-style floors. For modern homes, choose floors in deep shades of brown or red.

When choosing timber floors in Epping, there are many things to consider. There are many different kinds of timber flooring available from stores. Make sure you think about what you want your house to be like in terms of these things. Do not settle for anything less than the best timber flooring offers.

Here are some things you should think about when choosing timber flooring in Epping:


Start with the colour of the floor. You do not have to say anything specific at the start of your search. Think about the browns, creams, and reds that make up the three primary colour groups of wood. After you decide which category you want to go with, it will be easier to choose a colour.


The grade of the wood tells you how many of the wood’s natural features can be seen with the naked eye. There are three primary grades of wood: character, standard, and select.


Materials with a character grade have natural features that are common and stand out. This includes marks on a branch, knots, insect trails, and veins in the gum. Those that do not make it to standard grade have more subtle qualities. They are uniform and look more transparent than character-grade wood. The select-grade timber-flooring surface has only a few small natural marks. This makes things in this category look as if they don’t have any flaws.

Board size

Different sizes of boards are needed for each house. This will depend on what kind of subfloor you have and the look you want to go for. Usually, it’s 12mm thick and 85mm wide. There are also 105 x 12mm and 138 x 14mm solid wood floors. Most homes have a solid concrete subfloor, so these measurements are correct.


You should look for the most rigid timber flooring you can find. The flooring industry uses the Janka Hardness Scale to determine how durable a piece of wood is. Floors with higher Janka scores are less likely to get dents or wear than floors with lower scores. Because of this, wood with a high Janka rating is more complicated.


The finish you choose for your timber flooring in Epping makes a big difference in how it looks. Choose a finish with less shine if you want to keep the wood’s natural look. Go with a semi-gloss or satin finish if you want a bit of shine without taking away from the wood’s natural beauty. For a more modern look, choose materials with a high gloss finish. There are non-toxic water-based finishes and polyurethane finishes for wood coatings. Remember that the way these finishes look in the end will depend on the type of wood you use.


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