Right from its invention in 2002, modular wall fencing has revolutionised the backgrounds of many homes. But, if you check out the brushwood fence panels, then you have some high-end comparisons to go for. Nowadays, people are confused about the choices they can make with the fences. 

They can either opt for the brushwood fencing supplies or the modular walls. But, learning the differences between these two options will actually help you to go for the best ones.

Check out the comprehensive comparison before taking the final call:

1. Go in with the cost first:

The first question that comes to people’s minds with fence panels in Sydney or any other option is the rates that come with it. As per the cost rundown and brush fence report, brushwood fencing will range somewhere between $130 and 270 per lineal metre. It solely depends on the brushwood fence panels or the hand-packed ones.

On the other hand, you have the modular walls, which more or less cost the same. It also depends on the wall style that you have chosen for your backyard. In terms of the ongoing cost, both these options have a substantial lifestyle. But with brush fencing in Sydney, you have to replace the top roll fencing once in every 5 to 7 years!

2. DIY version of it:

Even though brushwood fence can be a DIY task, it is better to call the professionals for the right Brushwood fence installation. For DIY, it will need a lot of skills, even with the panel option. Most of the brushwood contractors of the brushwood fence panels will ask you to leave it up to the experts for ensuring security and safety at its best.

Then you have the modular wall systems, which were mainly engineered for the DIY-er. As long you have two people working on the project, you can concrete the posts simply in, slide the panels, pop on capping and then finish it off.

3. Noise reduction:

If the Brushwood panel fencing you have selected is 60mm and thicker, it can easily reduce noise through a proper combination of reflecting the noise and then absorbing it. The same goes with the modular wall fencing too, and it won’t be as thick as the brushwood ones. But, if you are aiming for the best rewards, then brushwood fencing is at the top of the list.

So get one for your use now:

Depending on your choice and budget plans, you can choose anyone between cheap brushwood fencing and modular wall fencing. But, if you are looking for a natural and rustic feel to the backyard, then the brushwood will be a great win for you. Just check out all the available options left, compare the items on their own pros and cons, and then you can figure out the right results to go for. In the end, it is your money that is at stake. So, you better complete your research first for reliable results.


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